Meet Our Team


Meet the Curator

Putting together each Bakhache Hamper takes a lot of thought, not to mention puzzle-solving skills to fit all the pieces neatly into the box, but our Chief Curator, Madeleine, makes it look easy


Who is Madeleine whose Gourmet Selection is so delectable?

Who is the eponymous person who lends her name to our premium house brand, Madeleine’s Gourmet Selection. She has a great eye and impeccable taste, so it’s aptly named!


Gifts to Impress

Our Chief of Corporate Sales, Rajaa, explains how Bakhache Hampers are different, from the overall aesthetics to the presentation inside; the contents have been thoughtfully selected and beautifully laid out.


A Red Carpet Experience

You can expect the VIP treatment when working with our team at Bakhache Hampers. Create unique gifts for your corporate events, festive gifting, marketing promotions and more. It’s a WOW experience for the persons giving and receiving.


At the Other End of the Customer Service Line

If you’ve ever called our customer service hotline, you might have spoken to Syakilla. She’s ready to answer all your questions and help you from the start to the end of your gift-giving experience.


We Make Gift-Giving Easy & Enjoyable

Bakhache Hampers offer more than a box of gifts. Here are a few of our complimentary value-added services to make your gift-giving experience easy, enjoyable and convenient.


Visit Bakhache Hamper’s Warehouse with Fidy

Follow Fidy, our enthusiastic Operations Manager, as he shows you around our warehouse where the hampers are assembled. Efficiency is key to ensuring that your hamper is ready and delivered in a timely manner. Climate control, especially for certain products, is also important for ensuring tip-top quality.


The Bakhache Hamper:
Thoughtfully Curated, Packed with Love

Our customised hampers comprise some of the choicest offerings originating from Australia, Europe and the Middle East, with the addition of locally sourced products by talented artisans whom we have discovered. The elegant packaging is designed to not only heighten the experience of receiving the gift but to also preserve the quality of the contents.

"We can’t wait to help you surprise loved ones, family, friends and clients. After all, the best things in life are unexpected."

   Antoine Bakhache                 
Group CEO