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BONBONNIERE Silver-Plated Apple Trinket Box

BONBONNIERE Silver-Plated Apple Trinket Box

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The apple trinket box welcomes your little secrets, sliding its lid.

Specification & Contents

Technical Description
  • SKU: B04255195
  • Reference: 04255195
  • Family: Trinket tray boxes
  • Material: Silver Plated
  • Collection: Bonbonnière
  • Height: 4 cm
  • Diametre: 4,3 cm

Christofle offers specially-formulated cleaning products that will make silverware care easy and effective. After using each of these products, rinse in clean water and wash as usual.

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The “Bonbonnière” is originally a candy box. Charles Christofle, whose first profession was that of a jeweler, was already offering “candy boxes” at that time. Thus, the candy box has been an emblematic product of the House since 1830. This is why Christofle decided to revisit the "bonbonniere" through different styles: Gusset, Mandorle, Medallion, Ace of diamonds, Round with frieze, with cut sides, Apple and Pear. A beautiful gift item to immortalize special moments.

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