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PERLES 8R Frame (18x24cm)

PERLES 8R Frame (18x24cm)

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Simultaneously add a dash of elegance to décor and personalize a space by displaying a favorite moment in the silver plated photo frame. Makes a perfect gift for any number of occasions from graduations and weddings to Mother’s Day or baby showers.

Specification & Contents

Technical Description
  • SKU : 04256004000001
  • Reference : 04256004
  • Family : Picture frames 18X24 cm
  • Material : Silver Plated
  • Collection : Perles
  • Length : 18 cm
  • Width : 24 cm
  • Style : Héritage

All Christofle’s picture frames are varnished and require no maintenance. Do not use neither Christofle cleaning products nor conventional cleaning products (glass products for example) as they could damage the frames.

Reference: B04256004 View full details


The Perles cutlery set is part of Christofle's historic collections. Perles gracefully takes up one of the typical ornaments of the Louis XVI style. A delicate alignment of half-relief pearls hems the edge of each place setting as if it were a necklace.

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