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MALMAISON 5R Frame (13x18cm)

MALMAISON 5R Frame (13x18cm)

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Picture frame Malmaison 13*18 cm. Varnished and silver plated. The silver picture frame: the most beautiful setting for your family shots. Malmaison is the ultimate Empire provincal collection. It is named after the castle which was a favorite vacation spot for Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josephine. Its adornment entails illustrations of water leaves and lotus flowers. The symmetrical structure of the decor is typical of the Empire style.

A very personal gift and an exceptional piece of gold, the silver metal picture frame takes care of the most beautiful family memories. A real showcase for these precious images, the silver photo frame is generally offered to mark an important family event such as a wedding, a birth or a baptism. Sober and elegant, it finds its place in your interior and sublimates with refinement the most beautiful moments of your life, or that of its happy recipient.

Specification & Contents

Technical Description
  • Code JDE: 04256006
  • Principle Material: Silver-Plated
  • Collection: Malmaison
  • Style: Heritage

All Christofle’s picture frames are varnished and require no maintenance. Do not use neither Christofle cleaning products nor conventional cleaning products (glass products for example) as they could damage the frames.

Reference: B04256006 View full details


An empire model par excellence, Malmaison is named after the castle which was the favorite vacation spot of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Joséphine. Resolutely chic, its ornaments, openwork leaves and symmetry of decorations, give a statutory imprint to the table and to all the moments experienced there.

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